Gotta Love Stress...

February 13, 2014

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Not really. 
I've been under a tremendous amount of stress lately & it's showing. From things breaking around the house to spraining my ankle last week during a run, yeah stress is prevalent with me right now. 
There's been one thing I've been turning to on a daily basis to help destress…
Kaliana Stress Kit
Each kit comes with 4 products: 2 Facial Fix-Me Mists (4 oz. + travel size), 1oz Body Oil, and 1oz Beverage Booster Supplement. 

I keep the travel size in my purse to help during work or when sitting in traffic on the way home. Just a few spritzes and I actually do feel better. There's also a beverage booster which is drops you put into your water (or for me, tea) to help as well. They don't change the taste of your drink and I usually use this before bed time. 

The body oil I've been using mainly on my shoulders and neck because that's where I carry my stress. It smells pretty good and usually I can talk The Hubs into giving me a shoulder massage with it. Double score!
I've actually noticed that I sleep better after using these products. They're not miracle cure all for stress, but for me, they have helped a lot. I feel more relaxed and even happier after using them daily for 2 weeks. I truly believe they are perfect for us moms that need a little help every now and then. 
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There is also other kits to help… Confidence, Joy, Vitality, Calm, & Comfort kits. I'll definitely be using the heck out of this kit! 
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