Love Week

February 10, 2014

This week is Valentine's week.
And by that I mean it's the week to celebrate your relationship with the one you love. 
Or if you're The Hubs & I do absolutely nothing together… 

Friday is Valentine's Day and I'm guessing I'll have a card and chocolates waiting for me, but other than that nada. 
Eric has a soccer game Friday night right after work, so we won't see each other until after 9 p.m. 
Does it bother me? 

Not one bit. 
I'm not a huge Valentine's Day person to begin with, but going out to dinner and sitting next to teenagers that are way too in love with each other is not my idea of a fun time. 
I'd rather get some dinner, sit at home with a bottle of wine & have us watch the Olympics together.

Just being together and spending the evening catching up on our week means more to me than any crazy nice gift or dinner at a fancy schmancy restaurant. 
Happy Love Week Folks!

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