What the What?!

February 6, 2014

I'm so not a reality TV junkie, but since I was home alone last night for most of the night & there was nada on TV, I tuned into American Idol. I haven't watched this show since it 1st started when I was in college (wow way to age myself there Summer!) but this year is actually GOOD!! The judges are good and for the 1st time ever, they all get along! Makes for a much better show in my humble (not so humble) opinion.
Anyway, I was so enthralled in the show that when The Hubs flight landed and he finally made it home, I had to rewind the show and let him hear my favorites of the night. To which he replied... "Ummm okay?! Is my wife here by chance?!" Haha Hubby haha.
Here's my favorites from last night:
Spencer Lloyd:
CJ Harris
Dexter Roberts

Kenzie Hall

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