March 7, 2014

I am noticing that this lil blog 'o mine is changing. I'm not posting constantly about hair and makeup products because quite honestly I don't change my makeup products that often and have been sticking to the same hair products I already posted about.
See this is my blog, this is a place where I can get my thoughts and feelings on paper. I can cuss if I want (because trust me I do in real life), and I can blog about whatever my little heart desires. Which right now and hopefully for a long time to come is working out, loosing weight, & getting fit.
I don't plan on posting about running, but a few times a week more than likely. I love my Work Out Wednesday posts because they actually help people to get up and work out, including myself. 
I love posting about new workout gear I've found and love & I like posting about how far I've come in the last few months. It makes me proud that I can do what I set my mind to & I hope it offers a little insight and maybe a ray of hope to someone who is where I was a few months ago. Sitting on the couch with little to no energy, but wishing she were smaller/thinner/healthier. I cried for months over how I looked and finally decided enough is enough.
After a 2 mile run yesterday. Don't let the pic fool you, I had rested for a good 20 minutes between finishing my run & taking this picture. Disregard the unmade bed in the background, cause sometimes, that's how I roll...
So if you are noticing changes to my blog, please know this is where this blog is starting to go. Yes I'll still post about The Hubs and Bella Belle! They are my priority & my heart.

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