Figuring it Out

March 18, 2014

There's one thing I am starting to learn the more and more I run.
Running never gets easier.
How's that for a confidence booster?!
Let me tell you how I am finding this out.
I have a close friend who lives a few houses down from me and is an avid runner. After our runs we'll text and tell each other how the run went, etc.
I pretty much always complain.
My shins hurt, it was too hot out, etc. I tell her things and she agrees with me that she has the same problems. The difference is that she runs 5-6 miles! She's been running like that for well over a year and still has the same problems as I had.
She started out just like me running a mile or two every few days and now she hits well over 60 miles every month!
So for her to tell me that she still has the same problems that I'm having now scares the crap out of me. This is never going to get easier?! Then what's the point??
Here's what I've learned. It never gets easier, YOU GET BETTER. 
You build up your runs and run farther, burn more calories, sweat more, & are not as sore as you used to be. You learn how to push yourself more and are proud of yourself when you're done.
Keep this in mind next time you go for a run and feel like dying afterwards.
You will get better.

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