March 4, 2014

Okay so a little back story here... about a month ago I went for a run because the weather was fabulous (where the hell did that awesome weather go?! It's freaking cold here again!!) and I was home alone that night. The Hubs was in Lubbock for work, & Bella stayed with Grandma. Perfect time for a run. Until my ankle had other ideas and decided to roll under my foot somehow and sprain itself. Totally not my fault, but I fell straight down in the middle of a busy street and cut my hand open in the process. 
Needless to say I haven't gotten to run again since. That was until Saturday afternoon. I talked The Hubs into letting me get some new running shoes since the ones I had almost killed me last month & found these precious beauties...

So I went to Rogue Running in Cedar Park and right when I walked in with my old running shoes on, they knew it was time for a new pair. (They're around 3 years old now and show it!) He had me walk, squats, etc. to see how my feet look and move and found 4 pairs of shoes that I might like. These were the 3rd pair I tried on.

I immediately knew they were the ones. The cushioned my heel perfectly and felt like walking on air. I can't say enough about these beauties! The price tag about gave me a heart attack but The Hubs said as long as it gets me back to running it's worth it & I completely agreed!

Right when we got home, I threw these babies on and we went for a 2 mile run. Now that doesn't sound very far but when it's been over a month since you last ran, it's a killer. Except I felt great after the run! I ran a mile and a half the next morning & because of these shoes want to run every day now. Even freezing my ass off in the cold.

They are worth every single penny!

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