Friday Faves - Jorts

March 21, 2014

I love me a good pair of cut off jean shorts, but if I even try to make my own from old jeans they end up uneven & usually in the trash can by the time I'm done.
Last summer you saw the cute accents put on jorts (lace, fringe, etc.) & I'm hoping that's still around this year too! I love those cute lace jean shorts. So precious with a t-shirt and flip flops!
Here's my favorite jean shorts for sale right now!
AE Boyfriend Shorts
I love these because A) they're not so short that 1/2 my ass is hanging out & B) they have just a little tearing to make them interesting. Plus they're boyfriend fit so they won't be super tight around my thighs!
These are so cute! I love the dark color they come in & are cut off's but not overly. These will definitely be bought soon!
These are freakin adorable! I love the lace edging and they're super affordable!!

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