How I Keep Track

March 11, 2014

Every time I go for a run whether it's a mile or 3 miles, I log onto my Nike Run App to log my run. It tells me how far I went, how long I ran, my average mile pace, and it also alerts me during my runs every 1/2 mile I've gone.
But what I love the most about it is you can find your facebook friends and it actually makes it a competition against them! It tracks all of your miles and resets at the 1st of every month. I loved it up until I made 15 friends and have ended up so far in 6th place! (A few of my friends on here ran a 1/2 marathon on March 2nd, so yeah they're gonna kick my ever loving ass this month!)
I love that I'm beating The Hubs as of now! Woo-Hoo!
It also has levels to reach and will change the background color of your app when you hit them. I just hit orange last week & have a long way to go until green, but it makes me feel like I've reached a goal and that I'm being productive during my runs!

This was last week when I hit the orange level!
I'm a huge music person when I run because it helps me keep pace more. So I make sure and put my music loud enough to hear but not too loud so I miss cars honking at me to get the hell out of the way!
What's your favorite running app?

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