Looking Back

March 27, 2014

If you haven't been a long time reader to this blog, you might not know that we're crazy in our casa.
Not serial killer crazy, but more like fun times always laughing crazy.
My husband has always made me laugh ever since we started dating & Bella is EXACTLY the same. She makes the craziest faces and dances her little booty off in the living room all the time.
Between her & The Hubs, there's never a dull moment.
They really do make me laugh and cheer me up whenever possible.
I'm not really a goofy type person, but I love to dance with them in the middle of the living room when a really good country song comes on.
I feel it's moments like this that make my life what it is.
I know she'll look back on those days and remember how much fun it was to grow up.
I did the same with my parents and remember how great a childhood I had growing up.
I only hope Bella has the same feelings when she's married and a momma!

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