Oscars Fashion 2014

March 3, 2014

This year's Oscars fashions were all pretty aligned together. There was either sheer, golden tones, or all black. A few different dresses thrown in for good measure but overall nothing was crazy out there... Here's my top 4 favorites of the night!
Charlize Theron wins for best dressed this year. Yes it's black & usually black can be kinda boring on the red carpet, but hers was stunning! It fit her perfectly & looked immaculate!

Kate Hudson also wow'd in this  Atelier Versace gown. The low cut top looks perfect for her & the little drape on the back finished the look.

Kristen Bell looked stunning in this Roberto Cavalli gown. The color washed her out a little, but overall she looked amazing.

Kristin Chenoweth also wore Roberto Cavalli but the color suited her hair and skin so well. I love the art deco feel of this dress.

I have only 2 big misses this year:

Anne Hathaway's dress looked okay on the red carpet, but when she got up to present on stage the lights shined straight on her chest and burned our eyes! Plus does she seem to be looking more and more stuck up every year?!

And wth is this getup?! Blue hair to match your atrocious blue outfit?! C'mon this is the Oscars not a night at the Roxbury!!

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