Work Out Wednesday

March 5, 2014

Today's installment of Work Out Wednesday I'm gonna come right out and say it. You want that amazing body, you want to loose weight?! You have to WORK YOUR ASS OFF!! 
Look I've been there, it's cold out, I'm exhausted today, I feel bad, etc. There's so many excuses to not get up and work out, but there's only 1 reason to actually get up and do it... YOU. Bettering yourself, feeling better, not being so tired every day, looking good in a bikini, just feeling so much better about yourself than you did yesterday. That's the only reason you need to get up and work your ass off.

Look we had friggin ice here today (yes all you Northerners who are buried up to your eyeballs in snow, I feel for ya, cause I'm bitchin about a little bit of ice on the roads), but I still got my workout clothes on, and worked my ass off today.
Here's a little bit about me if you're new to my blog... I work 9 hour days away from the house Monday - Friday. I drive an hour each way to work and back, and yet I still find the time to work out. It's not because I'm not tired, cause trust me I'm friggin exhausted by the time I get my daughter and get home, but I still get up and out there. It's because I want to look and feel better than I did last year. ALL of last year. I felt fat, old, and just plain ugly and never want to feel that way again.
Now I'm not gonna lie, I don't work out daily. Usually 3x during the week and run on weekends. Both days on weekends. Thursdays are my veg out days mainly because I weigh in Wednesday mornings and because I have a crap load of shows I can't miss watching that night. But I still make sure and get off my ass and work out.
No one's going to force you to do it but you. So take the initiative and do it!

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