Work Out Wednesday

March 12, 2014

So I found this girl on facebook and then started following her on youtube. Her Youtube name is Dance Fitness with Jessica.  Her workouts are one song each so you can do as many as you want & don't feel obligated to do a full 30 minute workout if you're in a rush. She's awesome and her workouts actually work and are fun!
(I was going to post one of her video's here but she's got the embed disabled! Sorry!)
So I found this little diddy on Pinterest & it's so true!
If you just put on your workout clothes, shoes, pull your hair back, etc. it'll help you feel much more in tuned to get your ass up working out. I always think do I really want to change & workout?! But right after my workout gear is on, I'm ready to go without a second thought.

I love this quote for the mere fact that even if you workout for 1/2 the time you usually do, or only put in a mile during your run, it's still SOMETHING. You're still doing more than you would do sitting on the couch. And if you fall down, then you get right back up and tell that story of how you overcame your obstacles!

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