Work Out Wednesday

March 19, 2014

Last week I caught the flu. I was layed up on the couch Wednesday evening until Sautrday morning and didn't even think about running. My friends were out running and The Hubs went to the gym while I laid around sulking.
This week I am making up for it and running or working out every day. But during the sick week, I started feeling bad about myself. Mad cause I couldn't run. Fat again even though I couldn't hold food down. (TMI, sorry!) But I kept reminding myself that I am working towards a goal and taking it day by day.
I love the above saying. I LOVE that we as women can lift each other up and support each other in this whole process. I think it's good to have friends who are in the same mentality of working out as you are. Keeps me going knowing that I'm not in this alone.  
So, even though I feel depressed sometimes or in a rut I just go for a run.
It helps every time.

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