Work Out Wednesday

March 26, 2014

Here's my thoughts on hitting the gym.
1) I see these people at the gym texting while they're jogging or riding a bike. I'm sorry and don't mean to be rude, but there is no time when I'm running/lifting/biking to stop, read a text, and respond. This is MY TIME. This is the time that the only thing happening on my phone is music blaring in my ears to keep me going. No texting, no talking, nothing... just me working my ass off towards my goal. 1 hour 4x a week and I love it!
2) I may look cute when I get to the gym because I come straight from work & still have my makeup on, but you better believe that I definitely leave the gym looking like complete crap! My face is red, I'm sweating like crazy, & I could care less. In fact, if I did look good when I was done working out, then I didn't work out hard enough & need to go back for more.

3) I don't pay a lot of $$ for my workout clothes. I get most of them at Target & Old Navy because all I do is work out in them. But my shoes...
My shoes are crazy expensive & I LOVE those damn things!
The Hubs & I both paid an arm & a leg for our running shoes because we know they fit us perfectly & they will last!
One day soon I'll probably give in and get a pair of Nike Dri-Fit capri pants because I heard they're amazeballs, but until then I'm happy in my cheap ass Old Navy workout gear.

4) So even if you can't afford the expensive shoes, clothes, gym membership, grab some sweats and an old t-shirt and get to running around your neighborhood. It's finally starting to warm up enough to get motivated to move!

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