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April 24, 2014

Okay so the title isn't the best, but I am realizing I'm starting to suck at blog post titles. My brain isn't working as well as normal & I blame it on lack of sleep. (Or stress, or going 100 miles a minute, etc.)
Anyway, there is this fitness blog I read daily. It's amazeballs because it gives you step by step instructions, posts about fitness gear, etc. I 1st found Fitness Skinny Mom on pinterest about a year or so ago and thought, "Eh, I could do that at home workout" Yeah I didn't, but now on my days I don't run, I'll get on and find a workout that works for me. Especially the ones on leg exercises! Woo they can kill you if you do exactly as described!
I think the thing I love about this blog is they give step by step instructions on each thing but it also shows you pictures on what to do. It takes the guess work out of wondering if you're doing the moves correctly or not. I hate being in the middle of my workout, then having to stop and look on YouTube to see how to actually do the next move. This cuts all that out.
If you're wanting a good workout at home, I definitely would check this blog out!

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