Weekend Wrap Up

April 14, 2014

This weekend was jam packed and a great weekend overall.
Friday night Bella had her Bobcat Bash at school. They got to play games, go in bouncy houses, meet firemen & go in their fire truck. She was in Heaven!
She loved it so much that after dinner, she talked Daddy into taking her back for a 2nd time!
Saturday morning I hit the gym and put in a 3.5 mile run while The Hubs was at work, then we ran some errands. Bella had a kid's night out at the YMCA, so we met up with some friends at Iguana Grill & this was our view for dinner...

Amazing right?! The only downfall is how low the lake is right now. But man I love Austin & the amazing places it has in it!
Sunday we took it easy for most of the day, then hit the gym Sunday night to do upper body weights. We also got in a competition with our close friends and now have to run 25 miles in 13 days... I have no clue what I was thinking signing up for this but it starts today & I will be in that damn gym every afternoon hoping to win!
Happy Monday!

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