Work Out Wednesday

April 2, 2014

Here's the thing, I am 32 years old, mom, wife, and not a little skinny awesome 20-yr old anymore. Which means everything is harder. Loosing weight after 30 is insanely tough.
But the thing that kills me the most...
Is when I get on a treadmill & there's a ton of them open, yet a cute little 21 yr old girl decides to pick the treadmill right next to mine to run on.
For the love of God pick a different treadmill girl!!
Now I'm feeling like I have to run harder, further, faster.
Which is good and bad... I work out harder but I also feel pissed that I need to do this because of some girl next to me.
Anyone else feel that way?

We have 3 vacays coming up this year and all 3 need swimsuits!
I keep reminding myself of this when I don't feel like getting up to work out...
I want to look smoking hot for all 3 of those vacations & am working hard to get there!

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