Work Out Wednesday

April 23, 2014

Damn those 24 hours we get. 8 or so of them are spent sleeping, 10 more of those for working, plus driving, showering, cooking, eating, etc. Our hours everyday are precious & we should spend them wisely.
If we can give just 1 hour a day to ourselves and get to the gym or get a run in then imagine how much better we'll feel in a year.
Since Feb 1st I've lost 17 lbs & I'm so excited to see a change in myself. I've given up a lot of my favorites (mainly wine & fast food) to get here and I still have a ways to go, but people are starting to notice I've lost weight and that makes it all worth it for me!
Yeah we're all jam packed daily with our to-do's, but getting in a workout and having "me time" is a must for me. I love my life, my daughter, The Hubs, but I also love throwing on my headphones & running a few miles.
It's my Me Time and honestly it keeps me sane and happy.
So yeah maybe it's only an hour a day that we have, but let's make that hour count!

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