May 13, 2014

Have you ever wanted something so bad & it finally happens? That was me this weekend. I've been wanting (praying!) that I can fit into a bikini and actually look cute for the past year. Every time I put one on last summer I felt naseaus because it looked terrible on me. I stuck to one pieces pretty much the whole summer and then covered up completely all winter.
Sunday we went to the pool with a ton of neighbors & I wore my new bikini. People I got compliments!! Wha?! Yep and it felt awesome to know that I'm finally getting to the size/fit that I have been dreaming of/working my ass off for. The running, eating better, weights, etc is finally paying off!
Now I won't say I'm there at my goal yet, but I'm getting close & it feels awesome. It really makes going to the gym a little easier knowing it's actually working. Hallelujah!

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