Workout Wednesday

May 7, 2014

I've said it time and time again, and with my whole heart I believe it. You don't need weight loss pills or miracle drugs to help you loose weight.
You need heart, the want, determination, & a good pair of running shoes.
People who haven't jogged in years can literally grab some workout shoes and start walking. You don't even have to run yet, just start with walking down the street and back. Bring some water (I drink all my water bottle when I run!) and get moving.
I started with run/walking less than a mile in December & now run around 3 miles every other day or so. Build it up & don't be hard on yourself if you didn't make it as far as you wanted. There's always tomorrow.
When I started running, every.single.time I'd get done my legs felt like lead. It hurt to climb my stairs at home to shower, but every day it got just a teeny bit easier to take. Now I can usually run and feel great after I'm done. Sure I take days off, Monday night I was exhausted and went home and chilled all night instead of running, but I went back and ran again last night.
So don't expect some diet pill to make you look good. Take it on yourself and make yourself look good! It makes getting to your goal that much more satisfying!

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