Workout Wednesday

May 14, 2014

I feel like as a woman we never believe any of these things about ourselves, but completely see them in each other. Especially close friends, we see everything they really are... smart, beautiful, strong, etc. but yet fail to see these amazing things about our own selves.
I "compete" with a lot of friends every month on running. I hate that I only ran 3 miles one day and they ran 6. I hate that I have to stop sometimes because my asthma is kicking my ass when I know they can run without slowing down the whole time. Then one of them reminds me how far I've gotten in such little time. They remind me that I'm stronger than I think I am.
I love that I have such amazing awesome friends who lift each other up & cheer for each other even though we're trying to out run each other. It makes the journey 10x easier. My friends are all smart, witty, gorgeous women who deserve to think of themselves that way. All women are!
So stop the constant battle with yourself and start seeing you as others see you.
Open your eyes and mind to think that you are beautiful, smart, funny, etc.
Because all women deserve to feel beautiful every single day.

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