Weekend Wrap Up - Blacklight Run

June 30, 2014

This weekend was pretty laid back although I ended up doing something pretty damn stupid... 

I lifted (weights duh!) Saturday morning before my 5k run that night!
Kenzie, Kellie, me, & Melissa before the race

So I pulled my left calf muscle running last Wednesday. The Hubs told me (aka made me) not run or exercise at all the rest of the week so I wouldn't make it worse. 
But here's the thing... I have to go to the gym every Saturday morning. 
It's just something in me that makes me want to go 8 a.m. every single Saturday. 
Hell I ran 3.12 miles the Saturday morning before the Crawl for Cancer. 
It's a sickness! Ha!

Well by Saturday night my legs were so sore & I hadn't even started running the Blacklight 5k. Let's just say it wasn't my best race ever!

And after! Glowing!
The race itself was fun and we looked so awesome by the time we were done! We ended up eating at Morelia's looking like this! Haha!

Sunday we cleaned our house and ended up lounging at the pool all afternoon after watching the Mexico soccer game. (They got screwed btw!!) 

All in all a fun yet painful weekend!

I Believe That We Will Win!

June 27, 2014

I have never been a big soccer fan. American football, baseball, golf, hell even basketball I like watching but soccer not so much.
That's all changed now with these guys making it to the next round of the World Cup even after being thrown into "The Death Group".
The World Cup started when we were still on vacation so for 4 days all I watched was match after match of the World Cup with The Hubs. And I actually got into it... A LOT!

These amazing guys above have an entire country behind them cheering them on.
Seriously, people called in sick yesterday or took the day off to watch them play...
here in the land of non-soccer loving people!
USA we are so very proud of how far you've already made it. You've proven so many people & countries wrong who thought we sucked and would loose every game.

Weekend Wrap Up - Crawl Style

June 23, 2014

This past weekend was a little bit of a blur... mainly due to the Crawl for Cancer.
We met everyone at Rudy's BBQ where we had lunch and got caught up with everyone we haven't seen in forever before heading downtown.
The crawl was insanely fun & tons of great pics came out of it...
Here's the ones I will actually show on here!
Lisa, Sandra, Sonia, & me @ the 1st bar... J Blacks

Our Crawl Family!
Christina, Mark, Sonia, Danny
Eric, me
Lisa, Sandra, & Kasey

My bestie for almost 20 years (whew!)
Melissa & I
Overall a great success and our 7th crawl is in the books!

What's in My Beach Bag

June 20, 2014

With all the traveling we're doing this summer one essential thing I always have with me is a beach bag. I actually ordered a new beach bag before we headed to South Padre Island because the one I've used the last 2 years is starting to wear thin. 
I have multiple things I always end up stuffing in my beach bag, but these are the things I never leave home without...

Victoria's Secret Beach Bag - This is my new favorite beach bag. They were sold out on the website so I did some searching and found it on Ebay for pretty cheap! It's pretty long and holds everything I need. 

Sunblock- This is of course a must for everyone! My favorite this summer is the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen. It smells amazing & works really well without any oily feel. We usually get SPF 30 & 50, I put 50 all over Bella, then put it on my face, back, and shoulders & 30 every where else. 

After Sun Lotion - I found this last year and now live off it during the summer. Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun Lotion soothes burned & non burned skin alike. It smells amaze balls & really helps cool your skin down and keeps it from peeling.

Towel - Everyone is smart enough to bring a friggin towel right?! Mine is huge and from Target... enough said.

Koozie - I actually carry a kookie in my handbag with me (drunkard much?!) but I always bring along some foldable koozies for the ride. 

Granola Bar - I always make sure and pack a somewhat healthy snack with me. Either a granola bar, pretzels, fruit, etc. just something to munch on while we're out. 

Crawl Time Baby!!

June 19, 2014

For the 7th year in a row, we will be crawling! Don't know what I'm talking about?!
(Or maybe you think something much worse than what I mean!)
Every year The Hubs & I participate in the Austin Crawl for Cancer.
It's basically a pub crawl around West 6th, but the best part is the money goes to cancer research in your area.
So it's kinda a win-win for everyone!
Sonia, Cheryl, Sandra, & me in 2012

A few bars in (obvi!)
Sonia, me, Lisa, Sandra, Mark, & Monica

Lisa, me, Sonia, & Sandra - 2013
These are my absolute favorite girls to crawl with. We've pretty much all been there from the start of these crazy crawls and make sure we all make it back every year.
It's such an insane, crazy, drunken stupor, fun time (and safe!)
Can't wait to crawl again Saturday!!

Happy Birthday Love!

June 18, 2014

Today marks the 33rd birthday for The Hubs. 
I swear it seems like yesterday we were celebrating our 19th birthdays together and all these years later we're celebrating this amazing life that we've built together. 

Because of you we have a great life, a wonderful/smart/beautiful daughter, and I'm getting to spend the rest of my life with my true love. 

So here's to 33 years, may we get to celebrate at least another 33 together!  

I love you more than you'll ever know...

SPI Wrap Up

June 16, 2014

We had the best time on our 2nd annual Munoz/Reyes family vacay. We laid on the beach, went out one night, ate and drank way too much, & went on a dolphin sighting boat. (That was Bella's favorite!) 
The weather was perfect and we enjoyed every moment of our time together.  
Bella got to hold a live fish & judging by her reaction in the picture above, it pretty much freaked her out. She was laughing the whole time but decided a live fish just ain't for her. Smart kiddo!

Other than a ton of sun, boating, etc. we just relaxed and enjoyed our time together. It really was an awesome week!

We did a lot of exploring during the mornings on the beach, then relaxed for the rest of the day in the sun.
Every night we took turns cooking dinner for the family & every meal was delicious!

The first night we got there we went out with Sandra & Mark and had a blast. We took a ton of pics like usual, but these were the best ones haha! 

It's a vacay we'll never forget...

Until 2015, SPI we will meet again!

I'm Out

June 6, 2014

For the next week I will be sitting my happy ass in a chair on the beach with a drink in my hand.
It's vacay time in the Munoz Household & we're more than ready to go!
So when there isn't a blog post in sight next week you will know why.
I plan on leaving my computer, IPad, & phone in the condo every day and instead enjoy spending time with my little family.
Of course there will be one night of this going on...

But overall I am planning on maxin & relaxin the entire trip!
See ya in Mid-June!!

Dear Bella

June 5, 2014

Dear Bella,
You are officially a 2nd grader. Where did the time go?
I swear we were just bringing you home from the hospital yesterday.
I have to admit that I love this age you're at.
 You are crazy & love to dance down the isles of the grocery store while laughing the whole time.
You make me crack up on a daily basis, especially when I try to get a picture of us together...
Typical picture we take!
You still love playing sports and are amazingly good at every sport you've tried. You have no problem putting the boys in their place, but are still the sweetest most kind hearted little girl I know.
You hate falling asleep alone and usually end up in Daddy & my bed sometime during the night, stuffed animal in hand.
You're my little water baby.
Anything in the water & you're happy.
We leave for the beach this weekend & you've already gotten 4 swimsuits, a boogie board, and numerous toys to play with while there. I know from the minute we wake up until it's time for bed you'll be asking us to go swimming every day.

You're so gorgeous inside and out and my favorite time of the day is picking you up from summer camp and you're so excited to fill me in on everything you did that day. Especially the tower that you're determined to climb! You will reach the top by the end of the summer, mark my words! You don't give up on anything until you've hit your goal.
We've said it so many times before, but you are truly the light of your Daddy's & my lives. We're blessed to have you as our daughter and thank God each day for bringing you to us.
Have fun this summer and try to make the most out of it.
Time seems to be flying by these days.

Workout Wednesday

June 4, 2014

Every Wednesday I get on here & try to get people motivated to work out.
Every week I talk about my motivations for running/weights/working out.
But this about sums it up for me...
My motivation comes from within.
It came from me looking in a mirror every morning and realizing I hated the way I looked.
It came from me wanting to be happier in my life & knowing being fit would help me tremendously.
It came from me being stressed out almost daily & finally finding a way to help get rid of the stress.
It has to come from within you.
You have to be so sick of the way you're living that you want to change.
No one else can do this for you, you have to do it for yourself.
Step by step, weight by weight, class by horrible class, you have to be ready for the change.
What's your motivation??

Next Week

June 3, 2014

Next week we will be lounging on the beach shown above. Also known as South Padre Island, TX.
Also known as party capital of Texas...
You might be wondering why I didn't post one of those gorgeous beachy pictures with palm trees swaying in the wind & some exotic beauty lounging on a hammock with a drink in her hand...
That's because it's a Texas beach & honestly they're not that pretty!
That's not to say they're not awesome and a perfect place to visit.
SPI (as us crazy Texans call it) is known for they're major bars, huge partying college kids, wet t-shirt contests, etc.
Yeah we ain't doing ANY of that! (Well definitely the bars one of the nights, but nothing too loco)
Here's the main gist of our vacay...
We go with The Hub's family to SPI every summer.
It's amazing because we get to relax on a beach for 5 days, let the cousins play together, and just enjoy the vacation. (Beer in hand of course!)
Something else we do, we all switch nights to cook.
This year we're making steaks with baked potatoes & grilled asparagus. Yummo!
This way it's cheaper on all of us and we get to spend the evenings together.
We leave this weekend and to say we're ready to get the heck out of Dodge is an understatement!
We're so ready to relax and get some sun it's unreal!
So here's to our 1st vacay of the year.
It will be a blast!

Weekend Wrap Up

June 2, 2014

I actually was able to swing a 3 day weekend for myself! The Hubs was in Lubbock until late Friday night, so I took the day off of work and spent it with Bella.
It was her last day of 1st Grade, so I met her at the end of the year party in front of her school. Those kids were insanely hyper and the party was a blast for them!
Grandma took this pic of her before she took her to school Friday morning. Loving her new kicks!

Mommy & Bella Belle at her school party.
Notice the red marker hanging on her shirt... she had all her friends sign the back of her shirt for the last day of school!

After her party, I signed her out of school and we went to lunch.
I let her pick the place and she decided she wanted Rosa's.
A girl after my own heart!
We had a blast (if you can tell by her crazy expression!)
Saturday we helped Eric's sister and her hubby move into their beautiful new casa, then met a bunch of friends at the Round Rock Express baseball game.
To say it was hot is an understatement, but we had a blast and honestly barely watched the game!
This was Bella's 1st time in years to go, and she made the most out of it!
Luckily a few of her friends came as well so they played and went crazy asking for a ball from the outfield!

(Melissa, Kellie, & I)
Sunday we did some truck hunting, then met up with friends for the pool and dinner.
Overall a fabulous weekend!
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