Dear Bella

June 5, 2014

Dear Bella,
You are officially a 2nd grader. Where did the time go?
I swear we were just bringing you home from the hospital yesterday.
I have to admit that I love this age you're at.
 You are crazy & love to dance down the isles of the grocery store while laughing the whole time.
You make me crack up on a daily basis, especially when I try to get a picture of us together...
Typical picture we take!
You still love playing sports and are amazingly good at every sport you've tried. You have no problem putting the boys in their place, but are still the sweetest most kind hearted little girl I know.
You hate falling asleep alone and usually end up in Daddy & my bed sometime during the night, stuffed animal in hand.
You're my little water baby.
Anything in the water & you're happy.
We leave for the beach this weekend & you've already gotten 4 swimsuits, a boogie board, and numerous toys to play with while there. I know from the minute we wake up until it's time for bed you'll be asking us to go swimming every day.

You're so gorgeous inside and out and my favorite time of the day is picking you up from summer camp and you're so excited to fill me in on everything you did that day. Especially the tower that you're determined to climb! You will reach the top by the end of the summer, mark my words! You don't give up on anything until you've hit your goal.
We've said it so many times before, but you are truly the light of your Daddy's & my lives. We're blessed to have you as our daughter and thank God each day for bringing you to us.
Have fun this summer and try to make the most out of it.
Time seems to be flying by these days.

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