Weekend Wrap Up

June 2, 2014

I actually was able to swing a 3 day weekend for myself! The Hubs was in Lubbock until late Friday night, so I took the day off of work and spent it with Bella.
It was her last day of 1st Grade, so I met her at the end of the year party in front of her school. Those kids were insanely hyper and the party was a blast for them!
Grandma took this pic of her before she took her to school Friday morning. Loving her new kicks!

Mommy & Bella Belle at her school party.
Notice the red marker hanging on her shirt... she had all her friends sign the back of her shirt for the last day of school!

After her party, I signed her out of school and we went to lunch.
I let her pick the place and she decided she wanted Rosa's.
A girl after my own heart!
We had a blast (if you can tell by her crazy expression!)
Saturday we helped Eric's sister and her hubby move into their beautiful new casa, then met a bunch of friends at the Round Rock Express baseball game.
To say it was hot is an understatement, but we had a blast and honestly barely watched the game!
This was Bella's 1st time in years to go, and she made the most out of it!
Luckily a few of her friends came as well so they played and went crazy asking for a ball from the outfield!

(Melissa, Kellie, & I)
Sunday we did some truck hunting, then met up with friends for the pool and dinner.
Overall a fabulous weekend!

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