Workout Wednesday

June 4, 2014

Every Wednesday I get on here & try to get people motivated to work out.
Every week I talk about my motivations for running/weights/working out.
But this about sums it up for me...
My motivation comes from within.
It came from me looking in a mirror every morning and realizing I hated the way I looked.
It came from me wanting to be happier in my life & knowing being fit would help me tremendously.
It came from me being stressed out almost daily & finally finding a way to help get rid of the stress.
It has to come from within you.
You have to be so sick of the way you're living that you want to change.
No one else can do this for you, you have to do it for yourself.
Step by step, weight by weight, class by horrible class, you have to be ready for the change.
What's your motivation??

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