My New Favorite Snack

July 29, 2014

I found these at HEB yesterday and although I was skeptical at first about how they'd actually taste, I have to admit I love them!
Now I'm a huge sushi fan & love getting edamame as an appetizer, so when I tried these I thought they tasted just like that which ummm hello score!!
Now I know there's non sushi eaters out there (hello crazy column! Just kidding but seriously it's delicious!) but I really thing you'd like them just as much.
And for all my fellow read the entire ingrediant list people here you go:
I've haven't put them in salad yet, but I might just have to try that soon...
Have you tried Snapea Crisps yet?
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Weekend Wrap Up

July 28, 2014

It's summer time which means I don't have much to post about these days.
My week days consist of work, running, cooking, & that's about it.
Bella's in summer camp all day, The Hubs is at work and we are boring.
Hence the blog posts that never got written last week, cause let's face it, they too would have been boring.
Our weekends are a lot more busy than weekdays so it makes my posts a wee bit more interesting, plus you can see all the cute little places in and around Austin that we visit.
Take Saturday for instance... We went to Hula Hut for lunch with friends. 
This was our view of Lake Austin...
Nope I'm not kidding, we lounged around had some delicious tacos and beer and got to watch this for an hour or so. Bella loved it & kept asking if we could go on one of the boats... Ummm no Honey, that's called illegal. But a girl can dream right?!
Or on Sunday we visited The Blue Hole in Georgetown with a bunch of our friends. Bella was a wee bit hesitant at 1st but got used to it & had a blast with the kiddos.

I kept telling her to get used to open waters because coming up soon we'll be swimming with much bigger fish than what's in that lagoon!

So overall a fun and exciting weekend was had by all...
Now back to the daily grind!
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Weekend Wrap Up -Toobing Time

July 21, 2014

This weekend was very different than our normal weekends around here. 1st off, the weather was cloudy and in the mid 70's Friday afternoon. We got a crap ton of rain last week and it cooled everything down.
Friday night Bella had a sleepover at camp which The Hubs and I were both very nervous about. I actually stayed for about 15 minutes after dropping her off to make sure she was ok. She kept telling me to go that she was fine, but I just couldn't. Until one of her friends came and gave her a big hug & Bella's smile lit up. Then I knew she would be okay.
So we had the night free and was planning on just hanging out with friends, when Eric was asked to sub in for a teammate in his weekly soccer game. Us and friends went to watch him play and had a great time!
Saturday we picked Bella up at the butt crack of dawn then proceeded to have breakfast and run some errands before she headed to Grandma's. We went on an adult toobing trip down the Guadalupe River.
We actually had great weather and no sunburns so in my book that equals a great day!
Bella had a blast with her grandparents and won a bunch of toys at a game place they went to. She brought home most of the toys & played with them on Sunday with us!
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July 17, 2014

Venus Trapped in Mars
I'm not usually into doing these, but it seemed fun & I just love Sarah & Helene and stalk their blogs on a daily basis so here's goes nothing!
Favorite pet I ever had
Gabby - A black poodle I had growing up. Miss that dog!

Favorite car I’ve owned
That'd be the car I currently own. Lexus RX350 - It was my dream car & The Hubs finally gave in a few years back and got it for me. I love that damn car... it's amazeballs.
Favorite meal out, ever

That's tough but I'd have to say Fogo De Chao. We've eaten there a few times and even though it's insanely too much food, everything they serve is delish!
Favorite food I’ve cooked
Damn I'm a good cook, how do I get down to just 1 meal?! Mexican Casserole would be my guess... or Rice and Gandules... or anytime I grill... see too good to pick just one!
Favorite food from childhood
Christmas night dinner - Everything Puerto Rican and delicious! Now my mouth's watering.

Favorite movie of all time
The Sound of Music (que the birds flying! Don't laugh too hard on this one!)

Favorite book of all time
The Great Gatsby
Favorite item category to go shopping for with a girlfriend
Mexican Martinis - I'm totally copying Sarah on this one!

Favorite day out – what, where, with whom
Lying on a beach in the Carribean said Mexican Martini in hand.


Favorite color
Pink... duh look at Le Blog!

Favorite artist
Music, art, what are we talking about here?!
Favorite song
When You Say Nothing at All

Favorite paid entertainment I’ve ever seen
Are we talking strippers here?! No? Oh okay then probably any one of the many George Strait music festivals I've been to.

Favorite hobby activity that makes me get lost for hours
Reading... yes I am a nerd.

Favorite skill (past or current)
Does being a gymnast way back when count?
Favorite advice I’ve ever been given
"Always always remember who you are and where you came from." - Momma

Favorite advice I’ve ever given
When a boy pushes you, push him back only much harder... show him boys suck! (Said to my daughter)

Favorite year of the best birthday I ever had… and why
25 I had my baby girl! Best year of my life.

Favorite natural wonder I’ve ever seen
Any beach that has white sand and blue waters.
Favorite close call I’ve ever had
Too many to name... Guess in 2000, when I ran off I35, hit a car, then did a 360 and hit a telephone pole. Granted it wasn't really a close call since it happened, but I'm still here to talk about it including a few extra scars.
My favorite flower – purchased

My favorite flower or plant – personally grown
Tulip (I'm beginning to see I'm a wee bit boring...)
My favorite hair day ever?
My wedding day... thank God my hair looked awesome!
The most favorite gift I’ve ever gotten – what and from whom?

My engagement ring... (AWWE!)
I gave up on the rest of the questions because I am indeed a boring person... but hey I tried!!
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Have You Fitbit Yet?

July 16, 2014

I downloaded a new (new to me at least!) app called Fitbit. It's a tracker that you enter everything you eat, plus it keeps track of how much you're walking, playing, anything that constitutes moving around. It even keeps track of your sleeping habits! It's a bracelet kinda like the Nike one everyone had last year, but it goes instantly to your app to keep track for you.
It comes in a ton of colors, but you know my ace would pick pink!
They even have Tory Burch ones which I shall get once I order it.
Now you can download the app to your phone for free and track everything by hand,
but what's the fun in that?!
I definitely want to get the wristband to keep track of everything I do.
So have you tried Fitbit yet?! 
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Nars Dupe?!

July 15, 2014

So I love finding a good bargain. Especially on makeup...
I go through makeup like crazy especially bronzer and blush. I used to own Nars Orgasm and loved that blush so much I hit pan & kept going. All the way until it was literally GONE. I hate shelling out big bucks on makeup because I go through it so quickly, so when I heard there was a cheap dupe for it you know I was all over that!
E.L.F. blush duo in St. Lucia is a perfect dupe for it! Now let's be real here it's a little more chalky than Nars, but here's the kicker... people it is $3!!! For 3 bucks I was sold!
I love the bronzer too! It's a little glittery but not once it's on the face.
I have hit pan on both sides already and will be heading to Target this weekend to buy it again.
I can't say enough about this blush because it's the perfect coral with a little shimmer for the summer time. It really looks amazing on & it's cheap!
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Weekend Wrap Up

July 14, 2014

This weekend was interesting... 

The Hubs had to work Saturday morning, so Bella & I went to the gym. I got 3.5 miles in before the pain in my legs kicked in & I finished my run. Once we got home, showered, and got ready we played basketball in the driveway till The Hubs made it home. After lunch we went to the LBJ Museum. They have a great exhibit on right now about the 1960's. Bella obviously doesn't know much about that time period so we thought it'd be fun to show her. 
Momma & Bella in front of the UT Tower

Bella with President LBJ

Amazing view of the stadium!

The oval office in the 1960's

Bella in front of LBJ's presidential limo

She's definitely going to be a Longhorn when she grows up!

Afterwards we took her to the capital then she had a kid's night out at the Y. So we met up with friends and had an amazing time at a new restaurant. 

Sunday we went to the pool then grilled burgers while watching Germany win the World Cup. 
Overall a great fun family & friends weekend!
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Almost Cruisin'

July 10, 2014

In a little over a month we will be embarking on our 2nd Disney Cruise!
We went on the Disney Dream 2 years ago & this time we're taking the Disney Fantasy.
We get asked constantly if we loved it or not, so here's my recap. And no I'm not being paid or anything for any of this, just want to help other parents out to know before hand.
So here's the jist...
We love going on Disney Cruise Lines because they really go all out. Between pirate night, fireworks over the ocean, Oceaneer's Club, the food, the drinks, etc. they make your time on the ship memorable.
Bella at Pirate Night.
This year we're taking her to Bippity Boppity Boutique and they'll have a royal pirate princess makeover on her. She's more excited about this than anything else!
Also notice the plastic square bracelet she is wearing... this is something she can't take off the whole time during the cruise because it gets her in and out of the Oceaneer Club & has all our information on it so no one else can take her out.

The is Castaway Cay.
Disney's private island in the Bahamas.
And it is amazeballs!
They actually have a little waterpark for the kiddos and they watch them for you!
The Hubs and I enjoyed an hour or so by ourselves, then got Bella to go swim in the beautiful ocean.

Inside Andy's Room (Toy Story) at the Oceaneer Club.
The very 1st day you embark they let you roam and look around to get your kids acclimated before you leave them. They get to meet some of the people working there & try out all the things they have to offer. Bella LOVED it!

I think the thing that stood out to us most is that she got to meet all the princesses, Mickey, Minnie, etc. just walking around the ship. They let us take pictures with them & she was so excited!
 Here's a little extra for ya:
Last time we went, we brought a white pillowcase & Sharpie markers. Right when we boarded the ship, we asked customer service if they can get all the Disney princesses to sign it. They took everything and on the last day of the cruise, left the pillowcases with all their signatures on it! Best thing Bella got on the cruise and it was completely free!!
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Workout Wednesday

July 9, 2014

So I've skipped a few weeks of workout Wednesday because frankly I felt like a broken record (do people say that phrase anymore?!) saying over and over not to give up, to get out there & run...
Well I found this tidbit of motivation and thought YES!!! That's what I need to post!
These rules are easy to follow & are honest.
I run every Saturday, Monday, & Wednesday now.
When I 1st started I was running almost daily, but life gets in the way,
legs are sore, etc. and it was too hard for me to keep at it that often.
Plus honestly I was getting burned out running so often.
So now I limit myself to 3 days (sometimes 4 if my schedule permits) of working out & running.
I run at least 3.12 miles each time & Saturday mornings are my long runs.
It keeps me in shape & I don't feel bored or like I don't want to run each time.
Find your perfect schedule and get out there.
No one will push you except you!

Newest Guilty Pleasure...

July 8, 2014

Here's the thing about me, I am so NOT into reality tv. 
I don't watch singing competitions, dance shows, any of the Kardashians or Housewives... 
Kill me.

Yet there's a new show I can't get enough of...

Yep the E! Online show Botched is insane & I love it! 

So pretty much it's about these 2 plastic surgeons in LA who fix people's bad plastic surgeries. 
And some of them are doozies!!
Boobs, noses, tummy tucks, face lifts, I could go on and on but it's insane what people will do to try and look better. 

My friend and I watched it last Sunday and texted back and forth because we couldn't believe how these people looked beforehand! 

It's a great new show that I'm making sure my DVR is recording every Sunday evening!
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July 4th Recap

July 7, 2014

We had an awesome July 4th with friends and family. 
Bella was all decked out & even let me braid her hair for the occasion!

We started the morning off with a neighborhood parade and then a festival right after. They really go all out around here and make sure the kiddos have the best time! 
The Hubs and Bella at the parade!

Me & my baby girl celebrating the 4th!

Friday night we went next door and hung out with friends while we bbq'd and set off a ton of fireworks out front! The kids loved it and had a blast! It was a great time!
Bella playing with sparklers before it got dark. 

Overall a wonderful 4th & a great weekend!

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July 4th

July 4, 2014

I am trying not to get sappy on this amazing day.
July 4th is such a special day in our family because we get to cheer for our country (which we actually do quite often) and we also get to thank our soldiers for everything they do.
This great country deserves much more than one day a year to celebrate all we've accomplished!
We will be enjoying parades, carnival fun, & fireworks today and will continue to celebrate all weekend long at the pool, splash pads, waterparks, etc.
So from my family to yours...

USA Pride on the Cheap

July 3, 2014

I love dressing in stars and stripes for the 4th of July.
Bella, The Hubs, & I all make sure and wear a cute shirts and a little dab of red, white, & blue to show our support for our wonderful country.
Here's some idea's that are cheap and cute to spice up you're 4th!
Sunglasses: I bought these last week for the crawl & got so many compliments on them. I love me some aviators and these are so cute, comfy & cost less than $6! (So when you get a little tipsy on thr 4th and drop them, you're not heartbroken!)
Cute Tank: I don't really like wearing stars or stripes too much accross my chest, but love this tank! I like that it's gold so it's not usual for the 4th, but still shows that American spirit!
Beach Bag/Tote: I know we will be hitting the pool many many times this weekend and a cute summery beach bag is just what we need to fit everything in! I like that this one is white, so as not to "overdo" the stars and stripes to death.  (Who me overdo it?! Never)
Swimsuit: I usually don't get my swimsuit at Old Navy, but this one is adorable and you can choose stars or stripes for your bottoms. Plus they're cheap enough you don't have to feel bad not wearing it again until next 4th of July!
Flip Flops: Okay so these aren't necessarily "cheap" for flip flops, but I love my Havaianas & these are friggin adorable!


July 2, 2014

I ended up watching the USA match twice yesterday. I got home in time to catch it, then when the Hubs got home we watched it again.
To say I'm proud of the US Men's Soccer team would be an understatement.
Yeah we lost, but damn we fought hard!
Tim Howard had 16 saves!! 16!!
That's the most in World Cup since 1966!
Damn we're proud!
So we lost & that sucks, but here's the main thing,
we didn't go down without a fight!
USA pride is alive and kicking!
We're so proud of all of the team for going as far as they did!
Congrats guys on a World Cup team that amazed the world!
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Like A Girl

July 1, 2014

Here's the thing
If you've ever met my daughter or read this blog in the last few years you know that she's a tomboy. Diehard wear a baseball cap everyday, never wear dresses, try out every single sport available tomboy.
And I couldn't be more proud of her.
When did it become bad to be like a girl? We can play every sport and actually kick ass in them without having to try to be like a guy.
We can kick a soccer ball, throw a baseball, run, etc. as good as any boy out there.
These past few years I've tried and tried to teach Bella that it's awesome if she "throws like a girl" because that means she's strong, talented, and amazing!
We always preach that girls can do anything boys can do and they do them well!
So Bella I say to you and all your girlfriends today...
Because we couldn't be any more proud of you!!
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