Newest Guilty Pleasure...

July 8, 2014

Here's the thing about me, I am so NOT into reality tv. 
I don't watch singing competitions, dance shows, any of the Kardashians or Housewives... 
Kill me.

Yet there's a new show I can't get enough of...

Yep the E! Online show Botched is insane & I love it! 

So pretty much it's about these 2 plastic surgeons in LA who fix people's bad plastic surgeries. 
And some of them are doozies!!
Boobs, noses, tummy tucks, face lifts, I could go on and on but it's insane what people will do to try and look better. 

My friend and I watched it last Sunday and texted back and forth because we couldn't believe how these people looked beforehand! 

It's a great new show that I'm making sure my DVR is recording every Sunday evening!
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