July 17, 2014

Venus Trapped in Mars
I'm not usually into doing these, but it seemed fun & I just love Sarah & Helene and stalk their blogs on a daily basis so here's goes nothing!
Favorite pet I ever had
Gabby - A black poodle I had growing up. Miss that dog!

Favorite car I’ve owned
That'd be the car I currently own. Lexus RX350 - It was my dream car & The Hubs finally gave in a few years back and got it for me. I love that damn car... it's amazeballs.
Favorite meal out, ever

That's tough but I'd have to say Fogo De Chao. We've eaten there a few times and even though it's insanely too much food, everything they serve is delish!
Favorite food I’ve cooked
Damn I'm a good cook, how do I get down to just 1 meal?! Mexican Casserole would be my guess... or Rice and Gandules... or anytime I grill... see too good to pick just one!
Favorite food from childhood
Christmas night dinner - Everything Puerto Rican and delicious! Now my mouth's watering.

Favorite movie of all time
The Sound of Music (que the birds flying! Don't laugh too hard on this one!)

Favorite book of all time
The Great Gatsby
Favorite item category to go shopping for with a girlfriend
Mexican Martinis - I'm totally copying Sarah on this one!

Favorite day out – what, where, with whom
Lying on a beach in the Carribean said Mexican Martini in hand.


Favorite color
Pink... duh look at Le Blog!

Favorite artist
Music, art, what are we talking about here?!
Favorite song
When You Say Nothing at All

Favorite paid entertainment I’ve ever seen
Are we talking strippers here?! No? Oh okay then probably any one of the many George Strait music festivals I've been to.

Favorite hobby activity that makes me get lost for hours
Reading... yes I am a nerd.

Favorite skill (past or current)
Does being a gymnast way back when count?
Favorite advice I’ve ever been given
"Always always remember who you are and where you came from." - Momma

Favorite advice I’ve ever given
When a boy pushes you, push him back only much harder... show him boys suck! (Said to my daughter)

Favorite year of the best birthday I ever had… and why
25 I had my baby girl! Best year of my life.

Favorite natural wonder I’ve ever seen
Any beach that has white sand and blue waters.
Favorite close call I’ve ever had
Too many to name... Guess in 2000, when I ran off I35, hit a car, then did a 360 and hit a telephone pole. Granted it wasn't really a close call since it happened, but I'm still here to talk about it including a few extra scars.
My favorite flower – purchased

My favorite flower or plant – personally grown
Tulip (I'm beginning to see I'm a wee bit boring...)
My favorite hair day ever?
My wedding day... thank God my hair looked awesome!
The most favorite gift I’ve ever gotten – what and from whom?

My engagement ring... (AWWE!)
I gave up on the rest of the questions because I am indeed a boring person... but hey I tried!!
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