Weekend Wrap Up -Toobing Time

July 21, 2014

This weekend was very different than our normal weekends around here. 1st off, the weather was cloudy and in the mid 70's Friday afternoon. We got a crap ton of rain last week and it cooled everything down.
Friday night Bella had a sleepover at camp which The Hubs and I were both very nervous about. I actually stayed for about 15 minutes after dropping her off to make sure she was ok. She kept telling me to go that she was fine, but I just couldn't. Until one of her friends came and gave her a big hug & Bella's smile lit up. Then I knew she would be okay.
So we had the night free and was planning on just hanging out with friends, when Eric was asked to sub in for a teammate in his weekly soccer game. Us and friends went to watch him play and had a great time!
Saturday we picked Bella up at the butt crack of dawn then proceeded to have breakfast and run some errands before she headed to Grandma's. We went on an adult toobing trip down the Guadalupe River.
We actually had great weather and no sunburns so in my book that equals a great day!
Bella had a blast with her grandparents and won a bunch of toys at a game place they went to. She brought home most of the toys & played with them on Sunday with us!
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