Weekend Wrap Up

July 14, 2014

This weekend was interesting... 

The Hubs had to work Saturday morning, so Bella & I went to the gym. I got 3.5 miles in before the pain in my legs kicked in & I finished my run. Once we got home, showered, and got ready we played basketball in the driveway till The Hubs made it home. After lunch we went to the LBJ Museum. They have a great exhibit on right now about the 1960's. Bella obviously doesn't know much about that time period so we thought it'd be fun to show her. 
Momma & Bella in front of the UT Tower

Bella with President LBJ

Amazing view of the stadium!

The oval office in the 1960's

Bella in front of LBJ's presidential limo

She's definitely going to be a Longhorn when she grows up!

Afterwards we took her to the capital then she had a kid's night out at the Y. So we met up with friends and had an amazing time at a new restaurant. 

Sunday we went to the pool then grilled burgers while watching Germany win the World Cup. 
Overall a great fun family & friends weekend!
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