Weekend Wrap Up

July 28, 2014

It's summer time which means I don't have much to post about these days.
My week days consist of work, running, cooking, & that's about it.
Bella's in summer camp all day, The Hubs is at work and we are boring.
Hence the blog posts that never got written last week, cause let's face it, they too would have been boring.
Our weekends are a lot more busy than weekdays so it makes my posts a wee bit more interesting, plus you can see all the cute little places in and around Austin that we visit.
Take Saturday for instance... We went to Hula Hut for lunch with friends. 
This was our view of Lake Austin...
Nope I'm not kidding, we lounged around had some delicious tacos and beer and got to watch this for an hour or so. Bella loved it & kept asking if we could go on one of the boats... Ummm no Honey, that's called illegal. But a girl can dream right?!
Or on Sunday we visited The Blue Hole in Georgetown with a bunch of our friends. Bella was a wee bit hesitant at 1st but got used to it & had a blast with the kiddos.

I kept telling her to get used to open waters because coming up soon we'll be swimming with much bigger fish than what's in that lagoon!

So overall a fun and exciting weekend was had by all...
Now back to the daily grind!
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