Workout Wednesday

July 9, 2014

So I've skipped a few weeks of workout Wednesday because frankly I felt like a broken record (do people say that phrase anymore?!) saying over and over not to give up, to get out there & run...
Well I found this tidbit of motivation and thought YES!!! That's what I need to post!
These rules are easy to follow & are honest.
I run every Saturday, Monday, & Wednesday now.
When I 1st started I was running almost daily, but life gets in the way,
legs are sore, etc. and it was too hard for me to keep at it that often.
Plus honestly I was getting burned out running so often.
So now I limit myself to 3 days (sometimes 4 if my schedule permits) of working out & running.
I run at least 3.12 miles each time & Saturday mornings are my long runs.
It keeps me in shape & I don't feel bored or like I don't want to run each time.
Find your perfect schedule and get out there.
No one will push you except you!

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