August 14, 2014

Today is my 33rd birthday.
It seems weird for me to be saying that I'm turning 33, when it feels like I just turned 30 a few months ago.
I feel like the old people who often talk about how fast the years fly by.
My mom used to tell me to slow down and enjoy the days because they start going by much faster the older I get.
How true that statement is Mom!
(I know you're looking down happy and yet laughing at me at the same time saying "I told you so!")
This past year was a doozie for me in many ways:
*I found out I had a tumor on my thyroid.
 *I proceeded to go through some of the worst pain in my life aka a biopsy on said tumor.
*I lost and made some very good friends!
*We got to plan our summer vacations
*The Hubs and I celebrated 9 years of marriage & 14 years together.
*Bella celebrated her 7th birthday
*I had surgery to remove said tumor in October.
*Getting to go on one of the 3 vacays we've been planning.
*I bought my dream car exactly the way I wanted it!
And eventhough it was a pretty tough year for me health wise, it was a great year overall and one I'll never forget.
So to celebrate the big 33 we're heading to Driftwood, TX this Saturday for some yummy Italian food, wine, bbq (Salt Lick look it up, best bbq in the USA!), oh and more delicious wine!
So here's to 33...
May it bring me much joy and happiness throughout the entire year...
And here's to hoping for absolutely no hospital visits at all!
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