Starting Over...

August 15, 2014

I'm going to be perfectly honest here... I've fallen a few times off the wagon.
The workout wagon to be exact.
There's been a few weeks lately (and not all at once!) that I've decided that laying around and relaxing was better than running & working out.
I didn't have the motivation to get my ass up and go to the gym in 103 degree heat.
I can make up hundreds of excuses not to go to the gym & trust me I did!
So this past Sunday we went to the pool.
When I went to get into my swimsuit I looked in the mirror and realized I'm backtracking.
My body may not be gaining weight (thank the good Lord!)
But the muscle definition was going away & my thighs were getting back the way they were.
I HATED seeing myself going backwards.
All that hard work was going right down the drain.
And to top it off I'll be in the Caribbean in less than 3 weeks!
Time to get my butt (and thighs!!!) in check!
So I've been back at the gym almost daily running and lifting.
I've cut out the wine except for my bday and weekends.
No week drinking until we get on the cruise ship!
I just can't go back to where I was.
I hated the way I looked and was praying to change.
I hope to never be where I was and to keep realizing that I can't get lazy again.
So here's to gym every other day... even on vacay!
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