True Blood Finale

August 27, 2014

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead! Stop reading if you haven't watched the series finale of True Blood!
Now that that's out of the way let's proceed...
Let me begin by saying when I finished watching the True Blood series finale Sunday night I was pissed!
Did I think they were going to wrap it up in a bow and hand it over? Yes
Did I realize that bow would be long and boring?! No!
The Hubs and I are die hard True Blood fans.
Never missed a show. Seriously.
But WOW was the finale boring or what!
I knew what was going to happen before it happened and that's not True Blood style at all.
Now this made me laugh and feel like it was the good 'ole TB we're used to...
Gosh I'll love and miss Eric. He was my favorite!
I love how him & Pam ended up that was pretty perfect for them.
Here's the things that pissed me off...
Jessica and Hoyt getting "married" the day after he met her.
The wedding itself was beautiful & I love how Sookie could read Bill's thoughts for the 1st time, but it seemed a little nuts to me that they decided to get married after he couldn't remember her at all.
Sookie's Husband
Why couldn't we have seen his face?
Obviously he's human and probably never once a character in the show, but at least show us who she ended up with.
How everyone got together and magically stayed together in the end
Every.Single.Person that got together in the last season ended up staying together... so not like Bon Temps.
I did love that Jason is a daddy to 3 kiddos now & that Sookie is pregnant. She finally got her future she always wanted. I hated seeing Bill die, but loved the way they killed him off.
Overall I am really just sad to see them all go.
What the heck am I going to watch on Sunday nights now?!
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  1. AGREE!! I was pissed at first because my recording cut off right after she killed Bill and turned down that walk way... then I realized that was not the end but it wasn't much better ;)


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