Weekend Wrap Up

August 25, 2014

This weekend was quite the rollercoaster for our little family.
Saturday morning I went for a run, and when I got done my phone let me know I hit green!
So incase you're wondering wth I'm talking about, this is my Nike Run App. I started pretty much in February running and hit 250 kilometers as of Saturday!!
I was so freakin excited!

Saturday afternoon one of Bella's best friends had his birthday party at the pool.
She was so excited so we ended up getting there super early.
Here's a pic of us leaving for the party... notice the awesome cutie below!

Let me be honest here though...
1/2 way during the party my kid freaked out, started yelling at the kids at the party & ran away.
No joke it was embarassing!
Thank goodness The Hubs was there to drive her around and calm her down.
She ended up going back to the party and apologizing to everyone, but Momma didn't see that because I was so stressed, I went shopping at Target.
I shop when I'm stressed... it's not a good thing!
Saturday night I had a girl's sushi and wine night with my bestie, Sonia & her sister.
We had the best time laughing and catching up with each other.
I actually somehow didn't take any pictures the whole time cause we were having too good a time!
Sunday we did some last minute vacay shopping and errands, then headed to the pool.
It went much better today & the kids had a great time.
Just as we were heading back home, I found out I got nominated by my cousin Renzo for the ice bucket challenge...
So we had a cooler full of ice & it got dumped on me.
I nominated The Hubs, and some friends and they did it too!
Bella got in on the action and had a blast!
Here's The Hubs dousing me...

Bella got her share...
Overall a great day!
I'll be somewhat posting this week and completely off from Thursday on.
Vacay time!!!
Happy Monday!
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