Best Week Ever

September 23, 2014

For me, the start of the Fall shows is the best week ever (next to Christmas and my birthday!).
As I'm sitting here writing this post, I'm watching the new show call Gotham. So far it's pretty damn good. The lead actor in the show is an Austinite Ben McKenzie and he's a cutie. I'm also biased because I love anything Batman. 

Another show I'm so excited to check out is How to Get Away with Murder.

Holy hell I love anything Shonda Rimes puts out and this show looks amazing. I also realized that the show's name is not only extremely long, but anyone who looks in my Internet browsing history might get a wee bit scared! (ha!) 

As for shows returning I'm excited about I have quite a few... Sleepy Hollow, Big Bang, Vampire Diaries, Reign, The Originals, Grey's, but above all.... SCANDAL! 

So welcome to my favorite week of the year... happy tv watching!
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