Enough with the Fall

September 9, 2014

I have decided to take an extended break with Pinterest until it cools down below the degree of hell we're having here in Texas.
I'm sick of seeing these amazing fall clothes all over my Pinterest boards and not being able to imagine me wearing them yet...
Do you know when I'll be able to sport anything like this?!
December... HOPEFULLY!
And there's no way my butt is putting those leather jeans on anyway!
(But wow that's a cute outfit!)
I mean we're still sporting shorts and tanks around here. I went to get a new pair of nice (aka leather) flip flops Sunday and had to go to the clearance section of the 5th store I went to!
The high today in Austin is 97 with a heat index of 102 & I can't find flip flops anymore?!
We're being told we're getting a "cold front" around Thursday that should put us in the mid 80's by the weekend.. hallelujah!!
So until I can manage to put on my skinny jeans, scarf, & cute boots I will not get on Pinterest because it's depressing me... anyone else feel this way?
Oh also they announce the new IPhone 6 today... I'm seriously like a kid on Christmas right about now!! :)
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