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October 13, 2014

I feel like it's been about forever since I've actually blogged about my life and family lately. 
Let me start by saying we have been insanely busy and crazy in the Munoz Household. 

Let's see where to begin... Halloween is upon our house now! I'm a huge fan of Halloween and everything that goes along with it. This weekend we decorated the house and front yard in ghosts and goblins. We even spent our Saturday night carving pumpkins. It's a tradition in our house that we carve 2 pumpkins and then I bake the seeds. I love roasted pumpkin seeds and can eat them forever. 

We got back last week from Vegas and let me say that more than 3 days in Vegas seems to be too much for us. Don't get me wrong, we had a freakin blast with the Harrisons and loved it all, but man were we all exhausted and ready to be home! Here's the smartest thing about the whole vacay... we didn't take pics! Sure I took pics from the hotel room of our view, and walking down the strip, but no "crazy, people will see these pics forever and we'll be embarrassed pics". We were at least that smart! Ha! But we had a great time and from now on we will ask The Hubs if he has a dollar. (Inside joke!)

Bella is back playing flag football and doing a pretty good job of it. She plays for the Texans & it's awesome that she's not the only girl on the team! Plus all the kids go to school together and we know the coach. Makes for a much better season! 

Overall, we're gearing up for the holidays coming soon & keeping an eye on our Longhorn football team. Hook 'Em Horns! 

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