October 15, 2014

Lez be honest, I haven't gone for a run in over 2 weeks.
2 WEEKS!!!
Well I ran twice before vacay, then went to Vegas, walked around 6 miles or more every single day we were there, and had too much to drink & eat whilst enjoying my vacay to the max.
So yeah running/working out went out the window.
I got back and have been either exhausted or crazy ass busy and haven't made it to the gym yet.
That all changes this afternoon!
I brought my workout gear with me today to work so I can change here, get Bella from school, and hit the gym.
I can't wait to get on the treadmill, get 2 miles or so under my belt, then hit the weights.
I can't wait to wake up tomorrow sore and know I did my body some good!
And I can't wait to see the scale go down more and more.
The last 5-10 lbs I want to loose have been the hardest.
Not because they are hard to loose but because I've been slacking.
Now that the weather is nice, that all changes!
I can run outside again, I can hit the gym and leave feeling great.
So here's to the start of working out all Autumn!
What's your workout goals?
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