Sephora Haul

October 14, 2014

When I was in Vegas I went a little crazy over all the Sephora's. Especially the huge one outside The Venetian. They were all amazing & I got to do a little shopping.
Now I'm usually a drugstore makeup girl but if I get the chance I will usually buy some things I just can't find a dupe to. I didn't buy a butt load of makeup, just a few things I've been wanting...
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick - I've been wanting this for years, but the thought of paying $44 for it made me hesitant. I finally gave in and got it and I am in love! It's friggin amazing. I had the Physician's Formula version of it before and it's nothing compared to this. The colors don't run together and it gives you such a glow! (I got the Bronze color)
Beauty Blender - Another thing I've been wanting to try forever. I tried the dupes from the drugstore and they did nothing, but the Beauty Blender is completely different. It makes your foundation look flawless. It's super easy to use and I absolutely love it.
Benefit Instant Brow - For my brows, I've always used a cheap pencil from CVS. I thought there really wasn't a huge difference in that and more expensive ones. I was insanely wrong! This pencil actually fills in my brows and makes them look good, but still real and not penciled in. Plus there's a brow brush on the other side to finish the look off with.
Loreal Voluminous Butterfly Intenza Mascara - Okay so this one is drugstore but I couldn't find any mascaras I love as much as this one. It seperates and makes my lashes look insanely long! I only buy waterproof mascaras and got it in this one too. Love love love love love.
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