Christmas Wrap Up

December 28, 2014

Wow what a long week we had! Luckily I was home the whole week and was able to get runs in almost daily & spend tons of time with my little girl while The Hubs was at work. 
We actually ended up spending hours on Christmas Eve baking all different types of cookies to take to the family. Although tedious, we really had fun and I told her I'm gonna make her do this with me every year because I'm that mean awesome of a mom!

We met The Hubs at church for Christmas Eve service & our Church really put on an amazing service! We actually made it through the whole service without leaving which was a miracle in itself! 
They even had it snowing inside the church during service! 

Afterwards we headed to my in-law's house to celebrate with delicious food, great gifts, and ended up having a blast playing games until we tired ourselves out.

Mommy & Bella Belle right before we left for service. 
She even let me curl her hair. 
Another Christmas miracle!

A little blurry but best pic we could get. Shocking for us! 

Christmas morning Santa delivered in a big way. PS4, Rip stick, and tons of toys and games. She was in Heaven and we were so excited to watch her open them. 
Momma & Daddy also did well getting her a 3DS to play. 

Afterwards we headed home to celebrate Christmas day with my family. My sister, nephew, & I went to visit my mom before dinner & wish her a Merry Christmas. Dinner was delicious and we had an amazing time (I totally forgot to take pictures there... I suck sometimes!) 

Overall a great and wonderful Christmas. 
Now it's back to the grind for a few days until New Year's Eve! 

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