Exhausting Weekend Wrap Up

December 14, 2014

As I sit here with my family watching the Cowboys kick some Eagles butt, I realize I am extremely exhausted. This weekend did me in!

Friday night we went to The Hub's soccer game. They all played so well and won 5 - 4! Afterwards we had our favorite pizza from Local Slice in Cedar Park. We always get their large white pizza and it's amazing! Afterwards we enjoyed a glass of wine and caught up on our shows. That was the only relaxation I got all weekend...

Saturday I woke up at 7 a.m. and went for a run. I finished 2.5 miles and smelled someone cooking bacon near my house and had to head home! After going to the adorable Hudson's 1st birthday party, we went to the Christmas Festival put on by the YMCA. 
It was in the high 70's so the "snow" they had quickly melted! We had fun riding a few carnival rides, then headed home. Saturday night we went across the street and celebrated Kellie's birthday until way to late in the night! (Or early morning!) 

Sunday we went to our 3rd birthday party of the weekend and celebrated Eve & Ethan's 7th birthday roller skating style! Bella actually ended up catching on and doing pretty well. Granted she'll have quite a few bruises on her booty tomorrow! 

I finished the day out by wrapping an insane amount of Christmas gifts, then cooking dinner. And that brings us to now. Relaxing and watching my beloved Cowboys! 

Go Cowboys!!

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