Weekend Wrap Up

December 7, 2014

It's Sunday evening and I'm exhausted! This weekend flew by quickly, was jammed packed, & we loved it! Let's start with Saturday morning...

Eric had his big certification test and was extremely nervous about it. So I took Bella to her friend's birthday party at Gattiland while he studied and went to take the test. 

He texted me once he finished showing me he passed!! 
Way to go Love! 
Bella and I are so proud of you!

Once he got home, we left for his close friend's wedding reception.

It was a beautiful reception and we had the best time catching up with old friends.

Eric, Chris (groom), Steve, & Travis

These guys above grew up together and have remained close after all these years. 

After the reception ended we headed over to my sister-in-law's house for an ugly sweater Christmas party. 
Sandra, Lisa, Sonia, & me

We had so much fun catching up with them & playing crazy games. 
It ended up being a late late night, but we had the best time. 

Sunday we bought our 1st REAL Christmas tree!
We've always had a beautiful 10 ft. artificial tree since we bought our house, but with the new couches, there wasn't any room for it, so we decided to buy a real one and put it in the front room... 
We really had fun trying to get it set up & not getting sap all over us in the process! 
Bella had a meltdown 1/2 way through (it happens a lot lately... grr)
After she was able to calm down she came back downstairs and helped put the angel on the tree. 
The Hubs and Bella have always put our angel and I was so glad she was able to do it again this year. 

Now we're grilling pork chops and asparagus and watching football. 
Exhausted and happy... it's a wonderful weekend.

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