January 20, 2015

I have read this over and over again.
 Probably a good hundred times over the weekend.
I have officially hit 1 year of running & still have a crazy love/hate relationship with it.
I still run 2-3 miles 4x a week and make sure (or try to make sure) I never miss a run.
I've lost almost 30 lbs since I started running last year.
I've changed the way I eat as well and running.
I suffer from insanely painful shin splints every single time I run.
I get made fun of a lot at lunch because everyone orders something delicious and fattening while I order a salad with dressing on the side.
Don't even get me started on sore muscles, they are a constant in my life every day.
But I have never felt better about myself.
I have never felt more strong.
I have never felt more awesome when I finish my run.
And whether the scale goes down or stays the same, I am making my body healthier, stronger, and more beautiful with every run I take, every salad I eat, etc.
It might have taken me months to finally start seeing significant results, but I kept at it and am so proud that I have made it a whole year without giving up!
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