Birthday Weekend Wrap Up

January 25, 2015

This whole weekend was devoted to our baby girl & celebrating her turning 8! 
And it was fabulous!

Friday, Eric & I took off from work to get last minute errands done & to take Bella lunch. She loved it and afterwards, we went and got a birthday cake to take to her class to celebrate at the end of the school day. 
Mr. Tidwell helping her blow out her birthday candle!

All the kids loved the cupcakes & she was excited to celebrate.
That night Aunt Tanya & Cousin Austyn came in to celebrate her birthday & she was overjoyed! They hung out until late Friday night playing Playstation and catching up.

Saturday was the big day! 
She wanted something different than a regular birthday party, so we decided to have it at her karate gym. Premier Martial Arts did an amazing job and all the kids had such a great time! They even got to each break a board! I've never seen them so excited before!
Bella even got to be a black belt for the day! 
She was so proud!

Austyn & Bella are the best cousins together, they love each other more than anything. 

Sunday we took Bella to spend her birthday money, then let her go to JumpStreet and bounce around for an hour. 

She was actually exhausted by the time she was done, so we came home & The Hubs and I took turns going for a run. 
Now we're relaxing before I start cooking dinner. 
Such a fun family weekend, now it's back to the grind!
Happy Sunday!

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