I Heart Texas

January 5, 2015

I've done posts like this before (years ago) and noticed that bloggers from other states really don't explain why they are there or what they really like about it. 
Being a native Texan that is extremely weird to me. We all love our state and have no problem saying the hundreds of reasons why... 
I'll just name my top 5!

1) HEB's - It's pretty much the only grocery stores we have in Central Texas & they're finally starting to move up north to the DFW area. They have the best prices, they make their own sushi in house, and best thing of all... That Green Sauce. Look it up... amazing!

2) Buccee's - Yes they are gas stations, no they're not normal tiny little gross gas stations. They are huge and have everything you can imagine inside including a restaurant. Their candy wall is amazing, but my personal favorite is their turkey jerky. Delicious!

3) Weather - We have the best weather here... yes it's hotter than hell in the summer time, but we love it & we love that there's really only 2 seasons here... Summer and 2 months of cold we like to call the Winter. 

4) People - The people here are amazing y'all! We open doors for strangers, say Bless You when we hear anyone sneeze (stranger or not), and are always up for a beer with your neighbor. Pure greatness!

5) Food - Tacos, BBQ, Brisket, Mexican food, Margaritas... the list goes on and on. Everything here is delicious and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Of course I could go on and on, but pretty much Texas isn't just a state... it's a state of mind. 
Welcome to Heaven. 

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