New Years Wrap Up

January 4, 2015

So it's the Sunday evening before going back to reality & I'm a little excited. 
Mainly to get back to our normal routines, but also because I'm getting sick of being home so much. 
Let's wrap up New Year's Eve 1st though...
We ended up having a small get together at our casa for NYE. We've had some type of crazy fun party here every year for new year's but wanted something much smaller & more with the kids. 

My 2 besties came over and we got to ring in the new year together. 
Sandra, me, & Sonia

The 3 of us and our families celebrated with drinks, games, and just had a great time catching up and saying goodbye to 2014. It was exactly as we planned and we all had the best time!

Friday Eric worked and Bella was at camp, so I went for a run in the morning, then shopping and house cleaning the rest of the day.  Kinda boring, but nice to relax a little!

Saturday morning we went to Flix Brewhouse to see Night at the Museum 3. We all loved it and had a great brunch during the movie. Bella really loved getting to eat pancakes and popcorn during the movie!

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful... cleaning, taking Christmas decorations down, etc. Nothing too exciting & another reason I'm ready to get back to normal. 

Although the holidays were awesome and we had a great time, we're ready to get 2015 off with a good start & get ready for Bella to turn 8!! 
Where did the time go?! 

Happy 2015, let's hope it's another great year!

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