Weekend Wrap Up

January 19, 2015

We decided to start Bella's birthday celebrations a week early, just us 3. 
So we surprised her Saturday morning and took her to The Thinkery. It's a science museum in Austin for kids and everything is hands on. They have people at every station to help the kids learn and play, and Bella loved it!!
Mommy & Bella Belle infant of the Junk Town. 
This showed how you can recycle anything and make it beautiful!

Playing in the water area, this was her favorite!
Playing music with water. This was her favorite and she was really good!

Bella and The Hubs playing with magnets. 

After we played in every.single.area. we went downtown to Cedar Door for lunch. It was amazing and we had so much fun! We finished the day at the LBJ Museum watching and remembering about Martin Luther King and how they both helped changed our nation. She was amazed at how differently people and our country were in the 1960's. 

Overall an amazing & fun family weekend! 
And Bella & I are off today to celebrate MLK Day. 
Have a great Monday!
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