My Happy Place

February 25, 2015

Anyone else like me and when you think of your "happy place" it's always on the beach? I am a die hard beach girl. Doesn't matter what beach, South Texas (SPI!), Bahamas, Mexico, you name it I will probably love it!
I've talked about it before, but every year The Hub's entire family takes a trip to South Padre Island. We get condo's right on the beach & it's Heaven!
We're always the 1st ones on the beach in the morning, then the rest of his family meet us a few hours later. We spend literally every minute of the day enjoying the ocean and soaking up the sun!
It's cold and rainy here in Austin today (again...) so I sit back and look at pictures of us on the beach the last few years and think "Only a few more months!!"
It really is my happy place and I can't imagine not seeing some type of beach every summer.
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Dear Austin

February 24, 2015

Dear Austin,
I love you and living here more than you can imagine. I hope to never move away, but there's a few things we need to discuss...
1) Can you please stop people from moving here so much? I heard somewhere that 130 people A DAY move to Austin and surrounding Central Texas areas. A DAY!! Don't be so awesome to tourist and maybe they won't want to pack up and move here.
2) Weather. For the love of God can you make up your mind about the weather? Saturday it was sunny and in the low 80's - today it's chance of ice and high of 34. People (including me) are ready for Spring and to wear shorts and flip flops now!
3) Traffic. How does a city this big have only 3 major highways?? Sure you built 130 a few years ago but it costs around $6 each way to drive on it! You can't get anywhere quickly here even on Saturday afternoons we hit traffic. Kinda crazy.
4) Overall thank you for being such an amazing city to live in, raise our daughter in, & it keeps getting better.
Thank you for being you...
From a true Austinite:
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Weekend Wrap Up

February 23, 2015

This weekend was just what we needed... a little bit of fun then a full weekend of relaxing and spending time together.
Let's kick it off with Friday night...
Bella had a kids night out at her Karate school, so we dropped her off then headed to dinner with friends. Afterwards we decided to try a new sports bar in Downtown Round Rock called The Rock. Clever name huh?!
Kellie and I enjoying a fun night out.
We had so much fun before going to get Bella. By the time we picked her up, she was exhausted and laid in my lap the whole ride home trying to stay awake.
Saturday we ran some errands and enjoyed the sunshine and 70 degree weather. The Hubs got a new truck last weekend, so he made it look Austinite.
You know we're blinging it out with Horns! #Hookem!
Sunday the weather got stupid cold and rainy, so we stayed indoors all day watching Fixer Upper marathon. Well I watched it, the Hubs & Bella played PS4 games all afternoon.
They even helped me make dinner. I made my famous green chile chicken casserole & it was yummy! Warm and filling, perfect for the rainy day!
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Train Like It

February 20, 2015

Ok gonna be real honest here about my "training".
I don't train.
Okay okay not that easy... see I get asked all the time how I was able to loose weight and keep it off when I eat pretty much what I want (within reason, I'll get into that in a bit!) and I do love my margaritas and wine.
I always tell them 2 words...
Seriously that's it.
I run at least 3x a week.
I run at least 2 miles each run.
But I get my butt up and I run.
I don't have a trainer, I don't go to any "fun" exercise classes.
Yes I do weights, usually just once a week because I hate them.
But mainly I get outside or on a treadmill and I run.
And I never miss a run.
As for eating,
I love me some salads.
I love turkey and chicken.
I don't eat beef, so hamburgers don't sound good to me at all.
But I'm Puerto Rican & I love me some rice and beans.
I love me some Mexican food too and eat it regularly.
If I go out to eat and order something that's extremely fattening...
I eat 1/2 the plate or less.
If I order a margarita, I order a SKINNY MARGARITA.
They taste just as good, but usually have maybe 200 calories or less in them.
I still love my nights of catching up on tv shows and drinking wine with The Hubs,
but now we do that maybe once a week instead of nightly.
It's all about portion sizes
learning that you can't live like you used to and expect to loose weight.
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My Daddy Lies Because of Me

February 19, 2015

This is a tear jerker, and even though we're months away from Father's Day, I still had to post this. My friend Heather posted it Monday on good ole' Facebook, so I watched and immediately shared it on my personal page. I teared up watching it.
There are so many amazing fathers out there that literally sacrifice everything they have to keep their children healthy and happy. I know 3 men that are insanely amazing dads.
My father, Jesus Badillo would be 1st on my list. He made sure we were happy, healthy, and loved his whole life. He's still doing it to this day. Him and my mom raised me, my sister, & my brother to be self sufficient adults and made sure to let us know how special and how loved we were. I can't thank him enough for everything he gave up for his kids.
Next of course is The Hubs.
Wow he's an amazing Dad.
He works more than most anyone I know, and still makes sure to come home and dance in the living room with Bella every night. They work on homework together, and he helps me put her to bed every single night. Bella knows how special she is & how much we love her. He's at every single karate class she takes twice a week, even though he's rushes there from work and ends up having dinner hours later than he should because he wouldn't think of missing her class.
Last and definitely not least is my father in law. Roy Munoz, I am so glad I married into your family. You and Mom have treated me like your own since Eric & I started dating. You raised 2 amazing kids who now are raising amazing kids themselves. Thank you for everything you've given us and please know Eric would not be the man/dad he is if it weren't for you.
So to all the amazing Dad's out there, I salute you.
Thank you for showing your children what true love really means.
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February 18, 2015

I got these some time ago and use them quite religiously, but pretty sure I never blogged about them before?! Why? No freakin clue, but I've been sucking at all things bloggy, so maybe that's what I'll chalk it up to. Yeah that sounds good.
Oh eyeshadows right...
Can I 1st say what the heck is up with drugstore makeup and the names of their products being a mile long?! Every single makeup product I've liked lately has been a mouthful! Shorten the names for the love of goodness sakes! (End Rant)
I have the 2 colors pictured Bella Café and Bella Sand. Both are insanely gorgeous & both last all day long with no fallout on my eyes. Now let me say that the only reason I originally tried these is because they have the same name as my daughter. (I've done this a few times before... hair place name Bella - check, Restaurant named Bella something - Heck yes I'm in!) But I seriously love both of them. The color payout is awesome and although I honestly don't think they feel very much like gel, they do seem to last pretty well and they go on smoothly.

I give both of these colors a thumbs up and will proceed in purchasing many many more. Much to the dismay of The Hubs!
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February 17, 2015

I heard about this woman on the local news yesterday morning and had to stop getting ready to listen to her story. It really hit home for me.
Picture via KeyeTV
The Austin marathon and 1/2 marathon were this past Sunday. Eric ran in it a few years back and I remember how hard it was for him to do the 1/2 let alone a full. I've always wanted to run one, but never had (still don't have) the guts to train for it.
But this woman did & she did it on her terms..
Hyvon Ngetich of Kenya was leading the elite women at the 23 mile mark, but by the time she got to the finish, her body had given out and she was crawling on all fours. Race volunteers were there with a wheelchair, which she refused to use.  She even had to pause to gather up her energy to continue her determined crawl to the finish. (Thanks to KEYE for this)
She literally crawled the entire way until she hit the finish line. She was determined to finish it and she did, better than that she finished in 3rd place, but because of how hard she fought to finish, she got the same amount as the 2nd place finisher.
I still run at least 2 miles 3 - 4 times a week. There's so many times that my ankles, shin splints, etc start hurting and screaming at me to stop. I usually try to push past the pain and make at least 2 miles. (Weekends I fight to run 3.5) Watching this story about Hyvon, I know that I can definitely push past and try harder. I'm so proud of what she accomplished and finished due to her determination.
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Weekend Wrap Up

February 16, 2015

Wow this weekend flew by faster than my head can spin. (I totally just sounded like my mom and I know she is looking down laughing right now!)
Thursday night Bella had her karate class. Halfway through class she decided she didn't want her hair up anymore and proceeded to pull out her ponytail and let it flow.
Little did she know she would be punching and her hair would fly everywhere!
Can you tell she really doesn't mind though?!
Friday night The Hubs decided to give Bella and I our Valentine's.
We really don't celebrate the holiday much at all, but he's not stupid and knows a card and candy will do just fine and keep him out of the dog house.
Saturday we had some errands to run all morning, then met up with friends for a very late lunch. This is my idea of a perfect Valentine's! Swirl Margaritas from Big Daddy's. Yum!!
Sunday we went to visit my sister in law and her new baby boy. He's 2 weeks old now and so adorable! I'm definitely in love with that little one.
Isn't he precious?!
Such a fun weekend with gorgeous weather.
Now it's back to the grind!
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The Place is Great the Drinks Not So Much

February 10, 2015

So on Saturday night we decided to try out a "new" bar. I think it's actually been open for a few months, but we're slow like that.
It's called Punchbowl Social & it's like a kid's bar for adults.
Sounds weird but it's actually pretty fun!
They have bowling, games, etc to play while you enjoy some adult beverages.
You must bring us.. .A shrubbery" - skyy moscato vodka, watermelon shrub, lemon juice, cardamom syrup, red wine float
Just don't try the drink above! We got the one that serves 4 and when it came to our table we thought, wow this looks like Grandma's Christmas drink...
Horrible pic of me (Kellie looks cute though!)
Look at the glasses we were drinking out of...
It smelled like vinegar and tasted like a Christmas tree...
I can't make this stuff up.
It was disgusting and we all poured ours back in and called the server over.
She told us it was their best selling drink...
I can't even comprehend.
Anyway we all ordered good ole' beers and had a great time.
Until we try another new fancy place....
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Weekend Wrap Up

February 2, 2015

This Super Bowl / UFC weekend was awesome. We had a great time Saturday night having dinner with friends and letting the kiddos run around and have a blast together. Then they came over to watch the UFC fight. 
Love this pic of us :)

I'll be real honest and say the prelim fights were awesome, the actual pay-per-view fights sucked including the main fight. All were disappointed, but it was a great time!

Sunday we visited Eric's parents in their new (beautiful!) house, then got some errands done before heading to a friend's house for super bowl.  
Hello 36" pizza!
The party was great, and so was the food!
We were rooting for the Seahawks... :(
Have a great week!

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